High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment
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About the team

High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE) is a collaborative project between Dr. Vahan Simonyan's group at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Dr. Raja Mazumder's team at George Washington University (GWU). Both groups are coordinating their efforts to integrate various high throughput data analysis tools into the HIVE platform. Unlike many other bioinformatic platforms, HIVE development is targeted to democratize the use of big data with a strong focus on regulatory science. There are currently two major HIVE deployments: The George Washington University hosts the public instance and the FDA hosts the internal private instance available to only FDA employees.

High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE) platform
HIVE is a cloud-based environment optimized for the storage and analysis of extra-large data, such as biomedical data, clinical data, next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, mass spectrometry files, confocal microscopy images, post-market surveillance data, medical recall data, and many others. HIVE provides secure web access for authorized users to deposit, retrieve, annotate and compute on Big Data, and analyze the outcomes using web user interfaces.

Major Projects

HIVE team projects fall into 2 major categories: developing infrastructure for biomedical data analysis and using that infrastructure to integrate and mine the data for knowledge. Click here to view these projects.

Tools and Resources

There are a variety of bioinformatic tools, resources, and databases developed by our team. Click here to access these resources.


The HIVE team has a variety of peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, posters, brochures, and multimedia available for the public. Click here to view these publications.

HIVE Events