New Home!,,url "

By your requests we implemented new style home pages, for your convenience. The new portal should look and feel what many of you called Outlook style or Explorer style: project based folders you create on the left, lists of objects on the top right, and the content on the bottom right.

The older home page interface is temporarily available by clicking this notification message. As soon as we migrate all of the tools to the new interface, we make sure that you like it and it sticks, the older home page will be depreciated and discontinued.

We are aware that just like anything else new, some issues may come up, some problems may appear while using the new system. We are working hard to fix those ! But we wanted you to know that we invite your comments. Please, report ANY problems you see. We know that you, our users play an important and critical role in creating HIVE, we appreciate every step, any recommendation, an inquiry and a desire to make HIVE better.

When you talk, we listen!

Please, use the new Home Pages! Enjoy the new interface!.


Enter your analysis pipeline into the BCO Challenge on PrecisionFDA!

BioCompute and PrecisionFDA have partnered to launch the BioCompute Challenge. Entries will be in the form of BioCompute Objects (BCO), which the HIVE platform supports.
To participate, save your workflow on HIVE as a BCO, then upload your BCO to the PrecisionFDA website using the instructions below:
1. In HIVE home page, select desired computations, click the "record BCO" image in top menu. Once you're finished creating the BCO object, generate a JSON and download it using the button in popup.
2. Once you've saved your workflow as a JSON, create an account on the PrecisionFDA website at
3. After your account has been approved, join the BioCompute Challenge at, and then click "Submit Challenge Entry". You will be directed to a screen where you can upload your BCO.