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Welcome to the HIVE lab site!

The HIVE lab site is designed as a central repository for information related to HIVE team projects, initiatives, tools & resources, publications, and people. Feel free to browse the site and/or sign up for an account!

By registering for an account, users have access to several projects and initiatives, including the High- throughput Sequencing Computational Standards for Regulatory Sciences (HTS-CSRS) where registered users can edit/comment on pages and provide input in developing a framework for computational standards. In addition, users will have access to several bioinformatics tools, resources, and databases, as well as access to register for the High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE), a cloud- based environment optimized for the storage and analysis of High-throughput sequencing (HTS) data.

Register/Login to the HIVE lab pages

To register for an account, click the "Login" button on the right-hand side of any HIVE lab page. Once you click on "Login" you will be navigated to the Login and Registration page.

If you already have an account, sign in on the left-hand side of the Login and Registration page. If you would like to register for an account, provide your first name, last name, email, and password into the fields and click "register". Upon registering, the following notification will appear: "You have been registered successfully! Our staff will activate your account soon." You must now wait for a system administrator to activate your account. You will be notified once this process is complete. Please note: HIVE uses a variety of advanced scientific and computational visualization graphics. To get the MOST from your HIVE experience you must use a supported browser. These include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Register/Login to the HIVE platform

To navigate to the HIVE portal from the HIVE lab pages, click on the "Tools & Resources" page and click on "HIVE" listed under Tools/Applications. Alternatively, users can directly go to the HIVE URL: hive.biochemistry.gwu.edu. To register for a HIVE account, click the Register link from the Main page and you will be redirected to the Registration Portal.

Some basic information is required to set up a HIVE account and select a user group of membership. Under "New User Registration", please supply the full name and email address at which you would prefer to receive any account alerts. A valid email address is required for account activation. Passwords must include one lower case letter, one upper case letter and one number, and must be a minimum length of 8 characters. Under "Group membership", please select the checkbox next to "HIVE Team", unless otherwise instructed. To set up a specific group membership, please contact the HIVE administrator for further assistance.

Confirmation and Account Activation

Once all fields have been populated and selections have been made, click the "Save" button directly below the password field. This will send a request for creation of your account to a HIVE administrator. An email will be sent containing a confirmation link at the specified email address that the user supplied. To verify the identity of the user please click on the link in the email and follow instructions. Upon verification of the email and account request, the account will be activated by a HIVE administrator. A second email will be sent to notify the use that the activation process is complete and thus granting full access to HIVE functionalities.


Return to the HIVE Main page at https://hive.biochemistry.gwu.edu/. Click on the Login link on the top right of the page to be redirected to the login page. Enter the email address and password supplied at the time of registration. When complete, click the Login button this will redirect to the user Home directory.