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A framework for community-based development of standards - for harmonization of High-throughput Sequencing (HTS) computations and data formats to promote interoperability and bioinformatics verification protocols.  


The mission of the High-throughput Sequencing Computational Standards for Regulatory Sciences (HTS-CSRS) project is to provide the scientific community with a framework to harmonize biocomputing, promote interoperability, and verify bioinformatics protocols. For more information, see the project description on the FDA Extramural Research page.

Major Project Activities Community and Leadership Synergistic Efforts
Tool Development
We have developed two integrated portals for creation of BioCompute Objects. Workshops
To develop our community-centric standards we facilitate workshops to collect input from members of the scientific community.
Advisory Panels
Our project is guided by three advisory groups whose members are from industry, regulatory, and academic institutions.
  • FDA Project Advisory Group (FDA-PAG)
  • Department of Health and Human Services Scientific Advisory Panel (DHHS-SAP)
  • External Scientific Advisory Board (External-SAB)
Interact on Open Science Framework
You are always welcome to view the public OSF project and provide input in developing a framework for computational standards.

BioCompute Object Publications
Below is a link to the BioCompute object whitepaper.
There are several synergistic efforts which can be leveraged to the development of HTS computational standards.